In this day and age it’s an unfortunate reality that organizations, their assets, and specific members within that organization or community, may be the target of threats. Threats can come in the forms of:
  • Active Shooter
  • Terrorist Threats
  • Personal Threats to Safety
  • Soft Targets, such as; Water and Food Supplies
  • Disorderly Conduct; Riots, Violation of Law
  • Loss of Life, due to accidents or intentional actions
  • Retail Theft and Theft
  • Domestic Violence
  • Workplace Disasters

The Best Team

In response to threats, private security is the most effective way of providing that extra level of protection. Regardless of the environment, Tactical Security Solutions, Incorporated (TSS, Inc.) personnel have the training and expertise to deal with any type of threats.

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Protection & Training

IndoorRange Private Security Protection
Under State and Local law, private companies and citizens can employ Contract Security and Personal Protection Specialists to provide protection, law enforcement, and facility based security. The following are specific goals of Tactical Security Solutions, Inc.:

  • Prevent loss of life, injury to personnel, and damage/destruction of facilities or equipment
  • Ensure security and safety of personnel in static (fixed) locations or mobile patrol
  • Expedite movement of principles (persons) in the accomplishment of their tasks
  • Secure the environment to enable personnel to conduct their business safely
  • Protect persons and organizations from harm or embarrassment

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    Training900_284 Training
    Learn industry leading, Commission of Accredited Law Enforcement Agency (CALEA) training from Certified and Subject Matter Expert instructors. In our class, you will get hands-on and exhibit based instruction and will be guaranteed to pass any practical exam or real life application! We are certified through the State of Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, the Metropolitan Police Department, District of Columbia and the State of Maryland Department of Police.

    We offer…
  • Local, flexible schedules
  • One-on-one instruction
  • Competitive pricing
  • License Sponsorship

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    Areas of Service

    • DC and MD Concealed Classes
    • Investigations
    • Patrol Services
    • Personal Security
    • Special Police Officer Training